Hydrogen Motor


Volkswagen Tiguan HyMotion (2007)

How are driven cars of the future? This question is currently engineers break all automobile companies the head.As a possible alternative is the drive with hydrogen considered. Under the Brass of the compact SUVs provides an 80-kilowatt fuel cell provided the energy for the 100 strong kilowatt electric motor. For power peaks may consist of an additional backup battery power for the electric unit could be provided. --->more

Tiguan HyMotion

Tiguan HyMotion
Engine/Motor 134 hp
Power output 22 kw
Torque --
0-100 km 14 sec
Top speed 93 mph
Range 250 km



Space Up Blue (2007)

Space Up!, the Third: VW presented within the next few months, a member of the New Small Family. The "up!" Blue "relies on electric and fuel cell for a clean future - and on design elements of the Blessed Samba bus. Stephan Bähnisch Come From here the new Samba bus? VW say yes. But it takes a good deal of imagination to the optical relatives of the study space up! blue to the legendary precursor to the Los Angeles Auto Show to recognize.--->more

Space Up Blue

Space Up Blue
Engine/Motor 134 hp
Power output: Fuel cell
Electric motor
12 kw
45 kw
Torque 120 Nm
0-100 km 13.7 sec
Top speed 75 mph
Range 220 miles