Hydrogen Motor


Toyota FCHV (2008)

Toyota Co. is big on hybrids and fuel cell technology is nothing new. Their Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle can finish a 560km journey from Osaka to Tokyo without refuelling is something note worthy. Back in July, Toyota saw its FCHV become the first fuel cell powered vehicle in Japan to acquire vehicle type certification under the Road Vehicles Act, allowing Toyota to commercialize and market fuel cell vehicles without having to certify individual cars. --->more

Toyota FCHV

Toyota FCHV
Engine/Motor Permanent magnet
Power output 90 kw
Torque 260 Nm
0-100 km 10.9 sec
Top speed 155 km/h
Range 660 km



Toyota Fine-T Concept (2006)


Among the concept vehicles planned for display are the Fine-X, a new fuel cell hybrid vehicle, and the i-swing, a new personal mobility vehicle. The Tokyo Motor Show is open to the public from October 22 to November 6 at the International Convention Complex (Makuhari Messe) in Makuhari, Chiba --->more


Toyota Fine-T (Fine-X)
Power output 25 kw
Torque 110 Nm
0-100 km  
Top speed  



Toyota FCHV-BUS (2006)

Specifically, the FCHV-BUS (short for "fuel cell hybrid vehicle - bus") will cover the entire "Tokoname Bus Route", from the "Chitahanda" stop to the route's terminal "Centrair" stop, as well as a circular route on the airport's man-made island. The bus will be operated by Chitanoriai Co., Ltd. (Chitanoriai), with which TMC and Hino teamed up to operate the bus from March 9 to 22 around Centrair as part of the Fuel Cell Vehicle Practical Application Promotion Project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT). --->more


Engine/Motor Hino Blue Ribbon City (low-floor commuter bus)
Power output 80kW x 2
Torque 260Nm x 2
0-100 km  
Top speed 80km/h
Range --