Hydrogen Motor


Suzuki SX4-FCV (2008)

Suzuki Motor Co., fuel-cell vehicles for small cars "SX4-FCV" to develop, this time certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Suzuki in 2001 from General Motors Corporation's fuel cell car (GM) and the joint development of the past three mini-cars, fuel cell certified by the minister of public roads and has been test driving.

"SX4-FCV" is, GM-powered fuel cell, Suzuki has developed 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank and energy during braking and accelerating recovery when fuel cells to reduce the load, the adoption of lightweight, compact capacitors To improve driving performance. Suzuki will test the vehicles on public roads to collect data obtained in the practical development efforts

In addition, Suzuki will take place from July 7, "Lake Toya in Hokkaido summit" to cooperate as part of the international media center set up in the next-generation automobile test-drive exhibition Corner "Environmental Showcase" "SX4-FCV "To come.


Suzuki SX4-FCV
Engine/Motor --
Fuel-Cell output 80kW
Motor output 68kW
0-100 km --
Top speed 150km/h
Range 250 km
Suzuki SX4-FCV Suzuki SX4-FCV Suzuki SX4-FCV Suzuki SX4-FCV Suzuki SX4-FCV Suzuki SX4-FCV