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MAN Lion's City (2006)

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG and NEOMAN Bus GmbH put its commitment in early 2006 started EU project HyFLEET: CUTE to promote hydrogen technology consistently. With the official announcement of the "innovation program hydrogen and fuel cell technology" by federal Transport Minister Tiefensee, 30 October 2006 in Berlin, the Berlin BVG vehicles No. 3 and 4 in its fleet. The MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG believes that the support programme are an important element to the successful development of this technology in Germany and will continue both in hydrogen combustion technology as a bridge technology as well as fuel cell as a remote objective.

MAN Lion's City

MAN Lion's City
Engine/Motor MAN city bus, type "Lion´s City", A21
Power output 130 kw
Torque --
0-100 km --
Top speed 82 km/h
Range 200 km


In total, under the EU project HyFLEET: CUTE 14 buses of the type MAN Lion's City as Zweiachser with a hydrogen combustion engine on the Berlin BVG delivered and there until the end of the project beginning of 2009 tested in practice. These forward-looking and largely abgasfreie technology is a few years before her series. The fleet of 14 buses will be composed of the four buses now shipped with ICE naturally aspirated and another ten buses together with aufgeladenem turbo engines, and from the summer of 2007.The development of this approximately 200 kW strong turbocharged engine is one of the main objectives of the HyFLEET: CUTE project and an important milestone for the technology.

The first two vehicles have passed since the 2006 World Cup in June in use and now have about 20,000 kilometres. s part of the shuttle operation on the World Cup were over 10,000 passengers between the airport and the Olympic stadium with excellent consumption values promoted. In subsequent, largely smooth daily operations have already been helpful insights into the development of vehicles be won, it was against the diesel variants, an additional cooler retrofitted, the total higher combustion temperatures in the engine into accoun.

MAN Lion's CityMAN Lion's City