Hydrogen Motor

Irisbus Iveco (Fiat) City Class

Irisbus Iveco (Fiat) City Class (2004)

It is a City Class Irisbus Iveco the first hydrogen buses registered to operate in Italy. After the experiments in the laboratory and on the track, a fuel cell bus has been approved and now faces the normal routes citizens.

Irisbus Iveco

Irisbus Iveco
Engine/Motor --
Power output --
Torque --
0-100 km --
Top speed 60 km/h
Range --

The City Class Fuel Cell is equipped with hydrogen tanks, positioned on the roof of the vehicle, which feed fuel cell (fuel cell). These, in turn, electrochemical reaction to produce electricity that is stowed in batteries. The energy thus produced feeds the converter and electric motor traction. The autonomy of half in operation reaches 12 hours, the maximum speed to 60 kilometers per hour. Le caratteristiche tecniche sono quelle di un tradizionale autobus urbano Iveco: 12 metri di lunghezza, 3 porte, 21 posti seduti, 51 in piedi e 1 posto per la carrozzina dei disabili. The specifications are those of a traditional urban bus Iveco: 12 meters long, 3 doors, 21 seats, 51 standing and 1 place for the wheelchair disabled people.

Irisbus is the company dell'Iveco specialized in the production of urban and intercity buses, line, touring, coaches and minibuses / school bus. The Fiat Research Center is the focal point of reference for innovation and research and development services for companies in the Fiat Group.

The one that begins today is an advanced stage of experimentation, which provides six months of testing road without passengers to better evaluate the performance of the vehicle and take over your operation.To implement the project is the Iveco Irisbus confluita, together with a group of specialized partners, Sapio, Ansaldo Ricerche, CVA and Aeneas, an Association of Temporary Enterprise coordinated by GTT (Group Torinese Trasporti).