The world’s first hydrogen-powered boat

It’s not only cars that can benefit from hydrogen technology, the boats too!
Here is the new project “Zero CO2 around the Mediterranean sailing” this is test this year a sailboat RM 1200 12 m, with an electric motor powered by a hydrogen fuel cell (developed by the CEA Liten Grenoble) and batteries.

Zero CO2

This yacht like no other has been built by the shipyard RM of La Rochelle. In June 2010, it will arrive in Marseille in trials at sea Then from July to December 2010, he produced a scientific mission in the Mediterranean Sea.

Floralis, the technology transfer subsidiary of the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, will be responsible for the integratrion of a scientific platform on the boat that will be used to capture important scientific data on man-made pollution throughout the 6 month expedition. The yacht will travel around the Mediterranean coast as far as Morocco on a journey that will commence in mid July, 2010.

Zero CO2

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