2010 Olympics in Vancouver: The introduction of hydrogen buses

In Canada, sport and means of transport have environmental technologies combine to our delight!

During the Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 (from February 12 to 28), 20 hydrogen buses boarded the public to Whistler mountain resort (where various competitions are held).

These buses ecologists have been concocted by a consortium including Canada’s Ballard is. They are equipped with a hydrogen engine, a fuel cell (housed on the roof) and an electric battery. It is the Canadian federal and British Columbia who funded the project of 89.5 million.

The fueling station, located in the municipal bus depot, has a capacity of 26 000 liters!

This fleet of 20 hydrogen buses will still be outstanding after the Olympics: good news, ticket prices will remain the same for users.

The price of a hydrogen-powered buses is 2 million Canadian dollars (cons 500 000 Canadian dollars for a traditional bus). A significant investment that is well worth it!

The organizers of the Olympics and the Whistler ski resort and want to limit the impact of transport on the environment.

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Honda signed a new solar hydrogen station

In its research and development center in Los Angeles, Honda has taken the second generation of a hydrogen refueling station in operation. That should be possible in the future, electric vehicles loaded with fuel new home for the night. The station fits in the garage and produced in eight hours the normal daily requirement of 0.5 kilograms of hydrogen.

honda solar hydrogen station

Previous stations needed a Elctrolyse unit plus a separate compressor, umd to put pressure on the gas and liquefy. The compressor was there the biggest and most expensive component. ErsteStation As the world comes the new Honda without a compressor station and is thus considerably smaller and at least 25% more efficient

honda solar hydrogen station

honda solar hydrogen station

With this easy-to handhabendenTechnologie stored hydrogen does not need to be and can be produced with cheap off-peak power. During the day, solar cells produce 6kW of power station, which is fed into Netzt and thus CO2 neutral earned money.

honda solar hydrogen station

honda solar hydrogen station

The Honda Solar Hydrogen Station was developed as a supplement to the public network of the fast charger. The Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell drive can be quickly loaded and offers a range of 460 kilometers. With 5-minute quick charge for longer trips and more comfortable night charge live rush hour and weekend trips no problem.

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Fuel cell cars from the dealer in 2015

Mercedes wants to have its first fuel cell powered vehicles in 2015 from the dealer. This was confirmed by the manufacturers at a conference in Monaco: “Until then, customers will be for a car with the environmentally driven not need much more than pay for a better-equipped hybrid model,” said investigator Arwed Niestroj.

Production stage, the technology had already reached, however, stressed Joachim Schmidt, head of sales with a view to the first 200 vehicles produced by industrial processes, and in 2010 delivered in a pilot project. They are based on the current B-class and are driven by an electric motor with 100 kW and a torque of 290 Newton meters. Although the fuel cell needs in the B-class normalized to 100 kilometers is just 3.3 liters of diesel and hydrogen at the current price of around nine euros per kilo cheaper to maintain

Fuel cell cars from the dealer in 2015

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The era of electric vehicles finally arrived. Ministry of the Environment in more than 50 cars started large-scale field trials

Ministry of the Environmen

December 2008 9, the Ministry of the Environment was held in the “promotion of introduction of next-generation automotive business” kick-off press conference

2009, the so-called Japan’s “first year of electric vehicles,” he said. Mitsubishi Motors and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., which has been developing electric cars, and finally actually be released as a commercial vehicle. December 2008 Ministry of the Environment and 9, such as electric cars and fuel cell vehicles to promote the dissemination of “promoting the next generation of cars introduced business”. In mid-January since 2009 more than 50 electric vehicles from the local public organizations or companies, using an official car and widespread demonstration experimental activities and public relations, said. The total budget of 400 million 9 million yen.

The train will be loaned by the main electric vehicles, Mitsubishi’s “i MiEV” 5 units”Subaru PURAGUINSUTERA” 15 units, BETAPUREISU type of electric car battery replacement, electric scooter, R & D “ELE -ZOO (ERE-worldly) “30. The Honda fuel cell vehicle “FCX KURARITI” adds one. The charging equipment, automobile and electrical equipment and for fast charging, the battery exchange stations BETAPUREISU to offer.

Mitsubishi i MiEV

Mitsubishi “i MiEV” maximum output of 47kW, torque 180Nm. A maximum speed of 130km / h in a charge of driving distance 160km (10-15 mode). Equipped with a lithium-ion batteries in the floor, after the rear-wheel electric motors to drive in

Mitsubishi i MiEV
Mitsubishi i MiEV

Power for the car left the home in backward socket (left), for fast charging socket at the rear right side (right) equipment. 100V power supply for the charging time at the home about 14 hours (full charge), 200V power supply for household use seven hours (full charge) and private facilities in the fast-charging about 30 minutes (80% charge)

Borrowers, local public organizations in Kanagawa Prefecture, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo Prefecture, Yokohama City, and six locations in the city of Kitakyushu. That electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, one of the city of Kitakyushu, and the remaining five local government units 3 and 4 almost evenly assigned to each. However, the FCX fuel cell vehicle with hydrogen station is KURARITI deployed in the city of Yokohama, also BETAPUREISU electric cars in the city of Yokohama, the battery station will be installed in the Minato Mirai.

Lending to companies and the Subaru Stella plug-in electric scooters, Sagawa Express Group and the Japan Post’s postal services company is the target of the two companies. Click here for the delivery of services to be available.

Mitsubishi i MiEV

BETAPUREISU venture companies in the United States, and replace batteries for electric vehicle charging station management. Figure left in the battery station concept, developed by Renault to the right of the prototype electric car

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Cosmo Oil, Yokohama-Daikoku Hydrogen hydrogen filling stations in the demonstration started 70MPa

Cosmo Oil Co., a hydrogen station in Yokohama Daikoku, 70MPa pressure hydrogen storage for fuel tanks for fuel cell vehicles increased pressure on the completed work (presentation materials). 2008 on December 1, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to begin filling demonstrate.

Fuel-cell cars, automobile gasoline mileage level to achieve, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles need to increase the amount. 35MPa in the mainstream of current from the fuel tank to increase pressure 70MPa, in order to improve mileage and effective way is 70Mpa already in the United States and in Germany for hydrogen storage systems and fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen station. Testing has already begun a public road.

The experiment, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “Empirical studies of fuel cell systems” is part of a “hydrogen fuel cell demonstration” (JHFC project). In the Kanto area of four hydrogen stations are planned to respond to 70MPa, Daikoku One of the hydrogen station in Yokohama, in cooperation with Iwatani International said. 35MPa at the station, filling the tank of hydrogen can be carried out as usual.

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