Mercedes-Benz at the LA Show With Hydrogen Cars


Lease, 2 year contract for the people of Southern California.

Los Angeles Auto Show Mercedes-Benz F-Cell

This is the second generation of the F-Cell, one established on the basis of the Mercedes Class B The German automaker announced it would be available in very small series in late 2010, it is. But unfortunately not everywhere, and we must regret that in the absence of hydrogen station in France, the F-Cell will not do. But 75 are planned for the U.S. market. None however will not be sold, the cars will be available only leased, with contracts lasting for 2 years.

Los Angeles Auto Show Mercedes-Benz F-Cell

The rental amount is exceptionally reasonable given the sophistication of the model, only 845 dollars per month. It was for this price a true hydrogen car, which is made with the full 3 minutes as a gas, but without rejecting anything else but water vapor in the exhaust. Almost like an electric car, but with the possibility of making the highway and driving at 130 km / h without the fear of the batteries in a few tens of kilometers.

The first Mercedes F-Cell for the U.S. market will be delivered in December, we also expected in Germany at the same time, to support several electric models, the Smart, class A, and Vito. Later, the fabulous SLS AMG.

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