Mercedes F 800 Style, PHEV, or fuel cell with hydrogen

Mercedes F 800 Style Fuel Cell

Many people criticize the electric cars that are not on a dedicated platform, which are primarily gasoline cars, on which it was adapted, sometimes awkwardly, with limited budget, an electric motor. Mercedes intends to refute these criticisms, but without a chassis designed specifically to electric power. The trick is to develop a platform that Mercedes calls multi drive, to signify that it accepts both a conventional gasoline engine, an electric powertrain powered by a fuel cell.

Mercedes F 800 Style Fuel Cell

Mercedes has developed 2 channels traction totally different concept F 800 Style. Let’s first hybrid gasoline. Who is not entirely original, since it is an evolution of the concept of Vision S 500 Plug-in hybrid, which was already based on an evolution of the S 400 series hybrid. We thus find the V6 petrol 3.5 liter. With direct injection of new generation, he is more sober, power up to 300 hp. The electric motor is progressing much as his power increases to 80 kilowatts (109 hp).

Mercedes F 800 Style Fuel Cell

The fuel tank is 45 liters, the lithium-ion more than 10 kWh, giving 30 km of electric range and 700 km of autonomy combined. This is fairly low for a limousine. The trunk then, is not really what is expected of a big Mercedes. Its capacity is only 440 liters. It is certainly much better than a Lexus GS450h (280 liters), but it’s even bad for families, as hybrid cars more environmentally friendly, offer less autonomy and less space for luggage, than diesel.

Mercedes F 800 Style Fuel Cell

Second version, fuel cell (CAP), and again it is an evolution of an existing drivetrain also that of the F-Cell Class B CAP. This is good! The more standardization in new automotive technology, they will be more affordable. Nevertheless, this powertrain is perhaps a bit light for a big sedan with an electric motor only 100 kilowatts (136 hp). 290 Nm of torque all the same, but the speed is limited to 180 mph, which makes the F 800 concept style, the slowest of all Mercedes.

Mercedes F 800 Style Fuel Cell

Yet the best of all the saloons of the star (equal with the F-Cell), since it is zero pollution. Its use never rejects anything but a trickle of water vapor, and 5.2 kilograms of hydrogen at 700 bar pressure cylinders that contain her give a range of nearly 600 km. These 2 chains traction will meet in the future in the Mercedes range, certainly in this decade … But we will first see the new generation of the Mercedes CLS. She is the F 800 ad, with lines surprising, since very different from the slender silhouette of the current CLS, the car that started the fashion for low line sedans. We’ll see soon what happens on the production model, probably this fall.

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Fuel Cell bicycle (Hydrogen bicycle)

Iwatani International Corporation, the Fuel Cell Expo “FC EXPO 2010″ (2010, March 03 ~ 5 held today, the Tokyo Big Sight), and to exhibit a fuel cell-assisted bicycles in Kansai International Airport during the trial (Figure 1). 60W output solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell grade (PEFC) in assisted bicycle wheel mounted on the upper back of the system and lithium power source for motor assist (Li)-ion secondary battery (capacity 26V -4Ah) ride while charging in the PEFC. Hydrogen fuel and hydrogen-filled cartridge. Hydrogen to fill the cartridge, Li-ion range in full charge when the battery is about 45km (however, vary depending on driving conditions) it. PEFC power generation is possible time is about three hours.

PEFC to configure the system, the hydrogen cartridge, insert a cartridge coupler of hydrogen, hydrogen extracted from the vacuum regulator to the hydrogen cartridge, PEFC, PEFC air blower to send, DC-DC (direct current – DC) converter (Figure 2 4). Cartridge system intended for storage of hydrogen using a hydrogen-hydrogen-absorbing alloy, the amount of content 0.25L, 1 corresponds to 7g in 80L pressure that can store hydrogen. Hydrogen-absorbing alloy titanium – zirconium in the same cartridge that is it equipped with 750g.

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