Honda signed a new solar hydrogen station


In its research and development center in Los Angeles, Honda has taken the second generation of a hydrogen refueling station in operation. That should be possible in the future, electric vehicles loaded with fuel new home for the night. The station fits in the garage and produced in eight hours the normal daily requirement of 0.5 kilograms of hydrogen.

honda solar hydrogen station

Previous stations needed a Elctrolyse unit plus a separate compressor, umd to put pressure on the gas and liquefy. The compressor was there the biggest and most expensive component. ErsteStation As the world comes the new Honda without a compressor station and is thus considerably smaller and at least 25% more efficient

honda solar hydrogen station

honda solar hydrogen station

With this easy-to handhabendenTechnologie stored hydrogen does not need to be and can be produced with cheap off-peak power. During the day, solar cells produce 6kW of power station, which is fed into Netzt and thus CO2 neutral earned money.

honda solar hydrogen station

honda solar hydrogen station

The Honda Solar Hydrogen Station was developed as a supplement to the public network of the fast charger. The Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell drive can be quickly loaded and offers a range of 460 kilometers. With 5-minute quick charge for longer trips and more comfortable night charge live rush hour and weekend trips no problem.

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