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Kia release Borrego FECV

Kia and its partners Hyundai fuel cell technology is still constantly exploring, recently kia released their latest fuel cell prototype vehicles Borrego / Mohave FECV (in the Korean market known as the Mohave) video. Although Borrego FECV This is Borrego Rear / four-wheel-drive SUV with body-based architecture split, but Borreg FCEV is all-wheel drive.

Kia Borrego FECV

Kia Borrego FECV

Borrego FECV is driven by a 110kW, AC electric horse Ta, powered fuel cells were placed in the lower compartment, this group of the battery can deliver 115kW of power. Interesting things, Kia claim that they do not need high-pressure fuel cell air pressure, so I do not compressors that a majority of the major components of fuel cell vehicles. Kia also said that their fuel cell vehicles can use 98% of all hydrogen to produce energy.

Kia release Borrego FECV

Brake energy recovery system from the electricity will be stored in a super-capacitor module, and then will be needed to provide additional impetus. Kia has not yet indicated that they use 700Bar hydrogen storage capacity of the system, but the car’s mileage up to 700 kilometers, Kia plans to produce in 2012 small-scale Borreg FCEV, while the large-scale production will have to in the small-scale production after three years.

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