Fuel cell cars from the dealer in 2015

Mercedes wants to have its first fuel cell powered vehicles in 2015 from the dealer. This was confirmed by the manufacturers at a conference in Monaco: “Until then, customers will be for a car with the environmentally driven not need much more than pay for a better-equipped hybrid model,” said investigator Arwed Niestroj.

Production stage, the technology had already reached, however, stressed Joachim Schmidt, head of sales with a view to the first 200 vehicles produced by industrial processes, and in 2010 delivered in a pilot project. They are based on the current B-class and are driven by an electric motor with 100 kW and a torque of 290 Newton meters. Although the fuel cell needs in the B-class normalized to 100 kilometers is just 3.3 liters of diesel and hydrogen at the current price of around nine euros per kilo cheaper to maintain

Fuel cell cars from the dealer in 2015

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