Tokyo 2009: Honda FCX – The fuel cell is smaller


Tokyo 2009 Honda FCX

The Honda FCX Clarity, a new revolutionary small fuel cell provides the central tunnel for the electricity, the electric motor drives the 100kW(136Hp) the four-seat sedan. 258 Nm torque serve from the first moment of driving pleasure. Small engine, small fuel cells, small lithium-ion battery and hydrogen tank, a shallow (171ltr.) under the rear seats have given the designers the opportunity to design a car with an optimal space for the passengers. Because unlike a conventional powertrain, the individual units need not be fitted to each other in certain positions. This results in a short hood, and an extremely falch niedruiger subfloor (no exhaust system) and a one-box design with lots of space. In 1625-pound FCX Clarity will be 160 km/h fast. With a consumption of 2.8 liters of diesel per 100 km corresponds pruduziert but no exhaust other than water vapor. Range: 460 kilometers

Tokyo 2009 Honda FCX

Tokyo 2009 Honda FCX

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