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Riversimple Urban Car

Hydrogen cars are just moved to a second place in recent months. The future belongs to electric batteries, and we’ll build it for thousands of recharging terminals in all cities! For people who are struggling to convince that we can overcome the weakness of the self-electric cars by the infrastructure, the solution of hydrogen would quickly resurface. The potential is greatest, it is immediately apparent in the urban prototype car, which was announced with a range of 340/380 km. You can drive with peace of mind.

This prototype Riversimple Urban Car is an electric car, with 4 small electric motors in the wheels, which draws its energy in supercapacitors. They are much faster and more durable than batteries. But the amount of stored energy is very low. Just what travel a few kilometers. The characteristics are also smiling these supercapacitors weigh only 21 kg. They may nevertheless provide a current of 15 kilowatts for 10 seconds, which is sufficient in a vehicle that urban n’accuse 350 kg on the scale.
In addition, coming to add energy to that provided by the supercapacitors in the accelerations, a fuel cell (PAC). The PAC is very small, so affordable, but it can not issue a power of 6 kW. It is nevertheless sufficient to maintain the small vehicle at its maximum speed of 80 km/ h. A more moderate speeds, the CAP works in slow motion, to charge the supercapacitors. And it is these supercapacitors that allow this Riversimple accelerate the CAP alone does not provide enough power for that.
This is called decoupling or separation of what makes the car accelerate, thus enabling it to maintain its cruising speed. Hybrid cars already use a little idea, it is brought to its climax. And the future. All the work on the subject, even Ferrari, and the small team behind Riversimple adhered to the idea because they are not beginners. The project leader behind the car had already designed the LIFECARE Morgan, he has several years of experience in the development of hybrid / electric and hydrogen.
It is now seeking partners. Where an original approach, Open Source. One knows the software of this type, but the design of a car has very little to do with editing software. Riversimple and continued to explain that they did not want a large group resume their solutions for a mass production without worrying about the future of its designers. Commercial use is not authorized. But if an innovative SMEs would like to work on the project to accelerate the emergence, in a return on investment mutualized, it is welcome here.
Kind of Smart elongated to reduce the frontal surface, the prototype meets all the best ideas for what is to make a car more environmentally friendly. Use of lightweight composite materials, motors in the wheels to ensure maximum recovery of energy lost to braking (although better than a Prius) … The Riversimple could be available in 2013, and it would not be sold, but proposed lease including all costs, including hydrogen refueling. The customer would have a package with a rent to pay mileage. That would be from £ 200 per month, or about 236 euros, and it seems for a competitive auto zero pollution.

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  1. gilberto romano September 1, 2010 7:55 pm

    riversimple en una buena opcion me gustaria tener mas informacion e iniciar con la pyme y saber las condiciones

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