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Machine Industry Memorial Foundation (TEPIA) is more of Tokyo Kitaaoyama “TEPIA Plaza” exhibition in the “Technology Pavilion @ TEPIA” renewal and replacement of the contents of the exhibition.
Environmental technology are especially focused on exposure to the renewal. For example, being developed by Daihatsu and demonstration of fuel cells do not require a platinum catalyst, and equipment to oil and oil on the bench for the recycling of polyethylene and polypropylene or “Be-h” (with breast) and on display that. Daihatsu fuel hydrazine as fuel and water pressure, Ni and Co on the electrode (related article). Demonstrations are run on a motor vehicle models showcased Toyako Summit, a 10% concentration of hydrazine added to water to 300ml of an 8 hour drive. The “Life and Communications” in the cluster, which exhibits improved life support robot. And the rehabilitation robot arm developed by the Laboratory for Yano, Gifu University, 2008 and has been released into the care robot.

Daihatsu's fuel cell

Daihatsu’s fuel cell demonstration Pt no. Hydrazine in 300ml of water pressure to run eight hours.

Source: Advanced Technology Exhibition Hall

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