Mazda builds RX-8 Hydrogen for Norway (HyNor)


The Hydrogen Project HyNor are building a hydrogen road between Stavanger and Oslo. HyNor was established in spring 2003. Total 50 players in the industry, transport, regional governments and organizations are included in HyNor.

Mazda has taken the first RX-8 Hydrogen RE to Norwegian specifications produced. By car take the Japanese car manufacturer on 11 May 2009 in Oslo at the celebration of the opening of the first hydrogen filling stations participated. After the technical acceptance is the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE for training purposes for the participants of the project HyNor use.

Registration list for the rally is now ready and both cars can be purchased in the store, demo cars, and research projects will participate in the EVS Viking Rally. The objective of the rally is the world congress and exhibition with participants from over 40 countries.

Among the participants are Mitsubishi (Electric Cars), Ford (hydrogen), Think (hydrogen), Lampo (Electric Cars from Switzerland), Opel (hydrogen), Norway Electric Cars (Electric Cars), Tesla (Electric Cars from the USA) and rebuilt Toyota Prius (hydrogen).

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen HyNor

In contrast to those already in Japan to offer models based leasing the RX-8 of the HyNor project at the recent European version of the vehicle with LHD and manual gearbox.  As part of the HyNor project is along a 580 kilometers long section of motorway between Stavanger and Oslo, a chain of hydrogen filling stations will be set up.

Source: HyNor

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