High voltage DC power supply system by Fujitsu


Fujitsu Component, developing ultra-miniature relays for high voltage direct current power supply system “FTR-J2 Series”, has Voltage: 450V, Current: fujitsu-ftr-j2-series10A. Dimensions are 24mm × 23.5mm × 27mm, which can be mounted on a printed circuit board. As applications, devices and server power to the uninterruptible power supply for data centers, and assumed a fuel cell and solar systems for homes.
Maximum power current is 12A. Coil power consumption is approximately 530mW × 2. Operating Temperature is -40 ~ +85 ℃. Space, insulation creepage distance is 6mm (between coil contacts). Isolation Voltage, AC between contacts 1000V, exchanges between coil contacts 4000V. Surge voltage resistance is 10,000 V. It weighs about 26g

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