Developed a mobile power supply vehicles with fuel cell by Iwatani


Iwatani International Corporation, and has developed a 10kW hydrogen fuel to power a mobile vehicle equipped with a solid polymer fuel cell level (presentation). Hydrogen fuel is supplied from outside. Power for the car, developed in conjunction with hydrogen and hydrogen cylinder trailers. 2011 Product of the Year aims. In addition to the work place and tunnels and indoor residential construction and in the evening event, assumed power and the use of a disaster.

Iwatani Fuel Cell Car

Iwatani Fuel Cell Car

Diesel engine (3 tons payload) with a fuel cell in bed. The vehicle is not carrying a hydrogen supply. AC output of the fuel cell is AC-100V, AC-200V and DC-360V in the three types can be used simultaneously. Output 8.5kW output, power efficiency is 45% or more (based on lower heating value). Values when power is 55dB less noise. The trailer is a separately-developed 35MPa hydrogen in a tank of 47L-9 can. Hydrogen trailer is based around a hydrogen capacity and 100Nm3. Hydrogen power car and trailer in a group, and 16 hours of rated output. Connected to hydrogen storage facilities and large-scale hydrogen power from the car, and the long hours of continuous operation. Hydrogen capacity: 100Nm3 over (hydrogen trailer).

Iwatani Fuel Cell Car

Iwatani is to use pure hydrogen as a fuel with a 10kW-class fuel cell. The hydrogen from the trailer, and 16 are rated for continuous operation over time.

Source: Iwatani Corporation

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