2009 Shanghai Auto Show: Toyota FCHV-adv Concept


Toyota FCHV-adv (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-advanced) is a use of  “Toyota FC Stack” high-performance fuel cell hybrid five-seater and with our understanding of high-performance fuel cell R&D is to improve the energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide and other gases from air pollution.

Toyota FCHV-adv Concept

Toyota FCHV-adv fuel efficiency by 25%, and in order to improve the performance of life vehicles, Toyota has also developed the high-pressure hydrogen storage 70Mpa, to life after hydrogen charging from the extension of 2 times, and reached about 830 km alarming level. In addition, Toyota is also very cold, especially in low-temperature environment to test the performance of the FCHV-adv, and the Toyota data also showed that even at 30 ℃ environment, FCHV-adv can start and normal running . Cold zone, but also ensure that the vehicles start with the normal traffic.

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