Range and cost information of fuel cells (FC EXPO 2009)


An important issue for fuel cell vehicle at the moment, “range”, “sub-zero start”, “FC improving the durability of the stack” and “cost reduction” in the fourth.The range is as was mentioned earlier, on par with gasoline vehicles already achieved more than 500km. Loss and loss of electrical energy and heat loss of the inverter stack 15 percent reduction by increasing the amount of regenerative energy of the vehicle, model year 2005 about 25 percent more fuel economy improvement. The addition of hydrogen filling pressure from 35MPa and 70MPa, about the amount of hydrogen can be used to expand the volume of the 1.9-fold improvement.

“Between 2008 – Tokyo, Osaka (560km), was able to finish filling in the actual use conditions and no air conditioning. After the fuel has been left to finish, and later were able to estimate the road about 250km I “(Mr. Masuda)

“Starting below zero” for the problem is almost solved. The fuel cells produce energy to produce water with Originally, the system starts to freeze it in below freezing water was a major challenge. The supercooled state of water – the frozen state before solidification of water – sustainable technology, and the matter settled. Today, Toyota and other manufacturers, minus minus 25 ℃ and 30 ℃ of the system can start. “We went to the testing of the Canadian Arctic. Minus 30 ℃ following morning, it was minus 25 ℃ day following a cold place, I could start without any problems no” (Mr. Masuda)

“FC Stack Durability improvement” in reducing the degradation by chemical and physical endurance has improved steadily. The current challenge is to curb further deterioration catalyst and electrode.

The challenge is the most popular, and “cost reduction”.

Of the possible measures, the larger two. First, in the field of design, and simplification of the FC system to smaller and lighter stack. Then, in the materials sector, in cooperation with materials manufacturers, FCHV promote low-cost construction material of the car. This ultimately cost Mr. Masuda’s tenth goal of the talks. Particular challenges, FC, and reduce the amount of platinum and other precious metals used in the stack, both increasing efficiency and compact, complete with cheap how to enable the high-pressure carbon fiber tanks to take a driving range.

And resolve issues, and Masuda 2015, aims to spread to the general public will begin to speak, concluded as follows.

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