Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid


The Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid is the second commercially available model of the manufacturer with hydrogen rotary engine. Since 2006, the RX-8 Hydrogen RE for the leasing business released, in contrast to the Mazda5 Hydrogen RE Hybrid, but it is only by its rotary engine and no additional electric motor on board.

Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid features a series-type hybrid drivetrain, which combines Mazdaā€™s hydrogen rotary engine with an electric motor. The engine output is converted to electricity, which then powers the motor that drives the wheels. This hybrid system boosts the hydrogen fuel range of the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to 200 kilometers, twice the range of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE, and increases the maximum output by approximately 40 percent, to 110 kilowatts.

The variant of the Mazda Series Hybrid drive combines the familiar hydrogen rotary engine, the push of a button on either gasoline or hydrogen (Dual Fuel System) is working with an electric motor. The system converts the energy derived from combustion engine into electric current, then the electric motor and thereby driving the vehicle.

Source: Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

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