World’s smallest fuel cell presents


Researchers at the University of Illinois (USA) has succeeded in a fuel cell to shrink to microscopic dimensions: This tiny device has the dimensions of three by three millimeters and a thickness of one millimeter – and thus is the world’s smallest fuel cell functioning.

The hydrogen-powered unit will be portable devices or micro-robots with electricity. Total produce the first prototypes of the miniature fuel cell 0.7 volts voltage and 0.1 milliamps current. With a full tank, the system is 30 hours.smallest fuel cell

Currently, it is even easier, these batteries on size. In fuel cells is the major challenge of the necessary liquid pump and the electronics to miniaturize. “Such smaller components often require more energy for their operation, when the fuel cell system can provide,” explained the scientist Saeed Moghaddam. Its development requires no pump and therefore consumes no energy. The miniature fuel cell consists of only four components. A thin membrane separates the water from the area filled with metal. Among them, the electrodes are attached.

Surface tension rather than pump

Small holes in the membrane ensure that the water in the adjacent chamber as steam arrives. The steam reacts with the metal hybrid to hydrogen, which is a pressure rise of the membrane seals. The electrodes will eventually produce electricity and as soon as the pressure decreases, water is flowing further to see the reaction to maintain. This process requires no pump, it works only by the surface tension of water.

For the operation of a mobile phone is the produced energy to be low, however, the scientists reported that they adapted to design a current of 1.0 milliamps can achieve. This could still smaller electronic devices, such as micro-robots are operated

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