Sweden House, Eco-sale housing for families to use fuel cells and photovoltaic


House of Sweden (head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), February 5, photovoltaic systems, fuel cells and gas companies to promote home “ENEFAMU” eco-house with a gas version of “HUS ECO II” ( EKOTSU HYUSU) announced that the April 1 release date.

Sweden House

Housing design and the comfort of both the gas and energy saving in air-tight high-insulation structure. Traditional products “HUS ECO” was all-electric design, “often used in hot water” “KODAWARITAI cooking gas,” “you want to use the heater heating the radiant heat floor heating and hot water heater panel” of users and requests, “Eco-power double” type set up.

Household fuel cell to supply power and hot water to the reaction of oxygen in the air and hydrogen gas, “ENEFAMU,” 2.92kw with both the standard residential photovoltaic system with power generation capacity. Next-generation energy-saving standards (135 square meters floor area, used gas), compared to 16 years to reduce utility costs 10,000 yen. 5167kg will also reduce annual CO2 emissions. Disposer to reduce the amount of garbage is also equipped with a rainwater harvesting system for outdoor watering.

Tokyo Gas Supply Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama south) only in limited, prices are two-story project plan (Plan 50), 3.3 million yen per square meter to 76. February 1 and has already started accepting reservations from June 4 to sell at special prices until the end.

Sweden House Web site: http://www.swedenhouse.co.jp

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