Peugeot Flux Concept with hydrogen


Mihai Panaitescu, studying design at the I. E.D. Turin is the designer of the study ecological flow: he won the 4th Peugeot Design Contest. The Peugeot Flux is a concept car half green half roadster buggy. He is 3.50m long and 1.65 m wide. It has a passenger convertible and a dynamic form (mixture of straight and curved lines).

Peugeot Flux

It has a small zero pollution engine through a fuel cell with hydrogen at the rear and a hydrogen tank in the front. Side panels and bonnet are made of plastic, the chassis is metal, mechanical parts are trimmed in aluminum and polyurethane seats dress. This lightweight car is easily produced and accessible to all: it is easy to assemble thanks to its embedded structures.

Peugeot Flux Peugeot Flux

The Flux offers driving pleasure. The driver can ride in town, on mountain roads and sand. Passengers can even pass the time by having a game console Xbox 360. The source of inspiration for the name of Flux? Continuous change of our daily lives whether at work or in leisure activities. Six letters sum up the

philosophy of this vehicle: PLEASE (Pure driving pleasure through its Lightness and its Efficiency while remaining accessible and simple in its concept Ecologique).

Peugeot Flux

Peugeot Flux

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