Mercedes BlueZERO, 3 versions to show the versatility of the hybrid series


One of the outstanding cars of the Detroit Auto Show. This is a car that is unique and multifaceted, since although it is a concept car, either by defining a single model, it exists in 3 distinct versions, with performance just as distinct. Initially, the series hybrid architecture. This has nothing to do with the Toyota Prius, where the success of the hybrid architecture based on a parallel development of highly accurate, with very little room for improvement, or even change.

Concept BlueZERO0

Mercedes suggests that here is an electric car, with 3 ways to provide electricity that will move the vehicle. It could even invent your own with a gas turbine, or 4 small Chinese cycling and lead to a dynamo, but it would take up much space … When the second goal of Mercedes is to show the interest of its chassis sandwich. Although not new, as already used on all Class A and B. Finally, this concept illustrates what could be the next generation of Class B, with a style that the least we can say is that it is daring.

Concept BlueZERO0

Concept BlueZERO

Concept BlueZERO

Concept BlueZERO

Concept BlueZERO

The base is a front-wheel drive with an electric motor in transverse

position, and what is changing is the way to provide electricity. In the E-Cell is a Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 35 kWh, it can go 200 km. The F-Cell then, has a fuel cell (PAC) and 3 hydrogen tanks that can do 400 km. In the E-Cell More

Finally, a small petrol engine (the Smart Fortwo) associated with a

generator to recharge the battery while driving, autonomy reaches the 600 km. Schematic models of the 3 below, in that order.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages, as its advocates and detractors. Acceleration and peak speed are identical in the 3 cases, they are very average with a 0 to 100 km/h in 11 s by an electric motor of 70 kW (100 kW peak) is self – that makes the difference. Not forgetting also the time to recharge. A full hydrogen or gasoline takes 2 minutes, while the electric version, Mercedes says it takes 4 hours on a 220 V 32 A, which is roughly the maximum that can be found in an individual.

3 But it is difficult to say that 2 is superior to others, you can just

Concept BlueZERO

Concept BlueZERO

remove the hybrid gasoline since it is not zero emission. But Mercedes does not take a position, he shows he can do 3. And as customers, energy suppliers and political leaders agree to determine who should have the great future. Mercedes has for him a big decision to be taken at the design: it must adopt as original lines for future small Mercedes? The new head of design at Mercedes, Gorden Wagener, will not slow to point out..

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