Fuel cells will start production in summer


The car manufacturer Daimler will already this summer with the first models with production fuel cell and start the production in the coming years to expand to 100,000.

“From the middle of the year we will be a moderate quantity production companies. We believe that an attractive product with no compromises can be,” announced CEO Dieter Zetsche in an interview with auto motor und sport. “And we are confident that we are in a period four to five years with an assumption of 100,000 cars a year, the cost of the fuel cell in the magnitude of the drive-a Bluetec Hybrids can bring. That was a short time could not be foreseen.”
Hydrogen filling station network push

Therefore, Daimler also calls for the development of a hydrogen filling station network forced. “We worked with a partner in Germany, a network of 1,000 gas stations are analyzed. In other words: Not more than 35 kilometers a customer must go until he reached the nearest gas station. This is not comparable to the gasoline supply, but sufficient.” According to Zetsche, Daimler for this analysis with lime worked. The investment required to set Zetsche Chains to the high cost to be able to afford. “The investments, which in Germany would have to be made, subject to 1.7 billion euros. No hurdle, which is insurmountable, but they can not from one alone. I’m thrilled with how far along this path we already have. “

Each year, a hybrid model

With the launch of the hybrid version of the S-class in this summer Daimler also wants each year, a new hybrid model on the market. “Our hybrid schedule begins in the summer with the S 400 hybrid. At the end of the year, depending on availability of the battery, it goes with the M-Class continues,” said Zetsche. “We are in principle, all the main series for the hybrid operation to prepare. That means that we will continue at least one new hybrid per year will imagine.” Zetsche also wants to reinforce the development of pure electric models. To be smart at the end of the year another 1,000 e-Smart extradite. “In addition, we are on the A-and B-class platform is a fully electric vehicle to prepare the 2010 initially in limited quantities will be. Around for 2011/2012, we see it as more realistic, with Smart and Mercedes with relevant, five volumes to come.

Zetsche: “We need reliable standards of the governments’

In order to develop emission-free cars, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche on Thursday (28.1.) On the World Mobility Forum in Motor Presse Stuttgart uniform and long-term arrangements required. The investments are so high and the building of infrastructure so burdensome that reliable standards are indispensable. The policy was required. “The transformation to a post-fossil mobility needs reliable standards. Customers expect predictability,” said Zetsche. “The beginning of the end of the oil era is here. We must massively in research and development investments, while almost all the markets fall.” So there is a “natural selection” in the auto industry. But the crisis was a chance that the German industry with better solutions at the end would be better off.

But it was wrong, now alone on the electric drive must be set. “We must also take the diesel and petrol engines, which come on the road, more efficient.” Before the internal combustion engine with electric drive is replaced, should the petrol and diesel initially by electrical components. The fact that the auto industry must change, including errors in the past has acknowledged Zetsche On. “I think I can for all my colleagues when I say: We must not for hunting bear. We have understood.”

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