Federal Economics Ministry is investing in energy efficiency and climate protection


The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has established its policy to promote research and development of advanced energy technologies in a program “Climate protection and energy efficiency” bundling. To the program sought modernization of Germany’s energy supply to drive forward innovation and the processes, the German Economics Ministry, the technology program funded by an additional Euro 15 million, so that for 2009 total Euro 115 million for the promotion of modern energy technologies to be available.

This German Economics Minister Michael Glos: “The financial gain of the technology program is an important step to promote innovation and modern energy technologies, because the only way to Germany, the energy challenges of the future master.”
For information and to develop ideas for a continuation of the research, the Ministry of Economy successful examples of the program in a brochure entitled “Climate protection and energy efficiency” zusammengestellt. The examples show the progress in various fields, such as in the field of modern power plant technologies, fuel cells and hydrogen, with the efficient use of electricity and storage technologies as well as the building and improved energy efficiency in the industry. The brochure can be ordered and is also available for download (see “Further information”).

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