Daimler’s concept car “BlueZERO” exhibition


Germany’s Daimler, 2009, Detroit Motor Show (North American International Auto Show 2009, open day: January 2009 17-24), Mercedes Benz concept car brand “BlueZERO” Exhibitor said. The modular structure of the electric vehicle “BlueZERO E-CELL”, the fuel cell car, “said F-CELL”, a series hybrid, “said E-CELL PLUS” to create three separate types. The shows “E-CELL” and “F-CELL” exhibit.



Has a double bed, putting a sandwich structure to accommodate the battery in the meantime and make three different types. This is the company 10 years ago Mercedes Benz “A class” structure was built by then, “B class” to expand. Cell, the floor will accommodate the device, such as fuel cells, the center of the body center of gravity, not to adversely affect the handling to get lower. In addition, a strong collision.

Five seats, and the total length 1890 x Height 4220 x width 1590mm, 500Lt luggage. The body, from behind the front door, L line have strengthened the character to leap straight to the edge of the ramp-shaped rear. 20-inch tires.



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