The concept car Volkswagen Citizen. A technological showcase interesting


Big cities are facing the nuisance caused by motor vehicle pollution, noise and congestion. The concept car called green Volkswagen Citizen, futuristic design and aerodynamic forms, was developed to remedy this situation in the future. It represents the Volkswagen vehicle of the twenty-first century: a green program!

Volkswagen Citizen

The Citizen Volkswagen is led through a removable joystick (joystick): the passenger can even use it to fly. It has a hybrid propulsion system consisting of electric motors, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Its small wheels, hidden under the bodywork, can rotate 180 degrees to make it easier maneuvering motorists. This concept car modern and sophisticated will he revolutionize the day for sustainable mobility.

Volkswagen Citizen

Volkswagen Citizen

Volkswagen Citizen

Volkswagen Citizen

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