Motorcycles with hydrogen: Suzuki Crosscage


It is not just cars that are entitled to hydrogen technologies! Suzuki, the Japanese manufacturer of two-wheelers and cars, presented its Crosscage: a prototype motorcycle with green innovations. Its dimensions. A length of 1985 mm, a width of 645 mm and a height of 1,020 mm.

Suzuki Crosscage, futuristic look, is equipped with an AC synchronous electric motor, a power system fuel cell type PEFC (polymer electrolyte) air-cooled, a reservoir for storing 35 MPa High-pressure hydrogen and a lithium-ion battery auxiliary high performance. Result: it enjoys an autonomy of 200 km. The manufacturer has not yet announced a release schedule for this kind of green gear. An interesting alternative to follow!

Suzuki Crosscage

Suzuki Crosscage

Suzuki Crosscage

Suzuki Crosscage

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