Cosmo Oil, Yokohama-Daikoku Hydrogen hydrogen filling stations in the demonstration started 70MPa


Cosmo Oil Co., a hydrogen station in Yokohama Daikoku, 70MPa pressure hydrogen storage for fuel tanks for fuel cell vehicles increased pressure on the completed work (presentation materials). 2008 on December 1, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to begin filling demonstrate.

Fuel-cell cars, automobile gasoline mileage level to achieve, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles need to increase the amount. 35MPa in the mainstream of current from the fuel tank to increase pressure 70MPa, in order to improve mileage and effective way is 70Mpa already in the United States and in Germany for hydrogen storage systems and fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen station. Testing has already begun a public road.

The experiment, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “Empirical studies of fuel cell systems” is part of a “hydrogen fuel cell demonstration” (JHFC project). In the Kanto area of four hydrogen stations are planned to respond to 70MPa, Daikoku One of the hydrogen station in Yokohama, in cooperation with Iwatani International said. 35MPa at the station, filling the tank of hydrogen can be carried out as usual.

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