The Honda FCX Clarity lease in Japan: hydrogen all!


Remember: Honda has started commercial production in limited edition of its FCX Clarity with hydrogen (sedan 4 places) in June 2008 at Honda Automobile New Model Center (see article).

In July 2008 the United States, the Japanese manufacturer has given the green light to its location: it announced that Annette Ballester and Ron Yerxa were the first customers in the world having taken delivery of the FCX Clarity at the Honda dealership in Santa Monica, one of the three concessions in Southern California (USA), which are part of the first network concessions vehicles with fuel cell (see article).

Honda FCX Clarity

After the United States, the self Comes to ecological Japan! Honda started today its location in the land of the rising sun: a first copy was given to the Ministry of Environment of Japan.

Small reminder: the Honda FCX Clarity has a fuel cell with hydrogen which makes V Flow of water vapor (technical characteristics: 134 hp, 256 Nm, 4 kg tank of hydrogen, autonomy of 435 km and top speed of 160 km/h). 200 FCX Clarity will be offered in long-term lease to individuals, departments and enterprises from 2008 to 2011 in the United States and Japan. The price: $ 600 per month over three years (see article). It is the first series of car running on hydrogen.

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