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By Jan Kretz Man With the motorhome for weeks in the wild and are still unable to electrical forgo comfort on board – a fuel cell makes it possible. The EFOY cell ( “Energy For You”) of the firm SFC replaces the conventional gasoline or diesel generator in camping vans. Fuel serves as methanol, an alcohol, the increasingly from renewable raw materials such as biomass or waste can be won. The fuel cell works in a similar attempt in a drive vehicles used hydrogen cells by oxygen intake arises from a “cold combustion” in the electricity out of the board of Battery A mobile camper feeds. The trick: The cell works also completely silent and emission-free, as the only “exhaust” is only a little water vapor, which led to the outside.

The manufacturer SFC offers for travel mobile fuel cells in four different power levels – depending on the size of the vehicle and power. Heating, lighting, music system – even for large appliances such as electric hair dryer’s power is sufficient. A “tank” with ten liters of methanol supply the motorhome up to four weeks with electricity. The methanol cartridges can have a Europe-wide network of existing dealers may be paid. The handy EFOY cells only weigh about seven kilograms and with a bit of skill can even be installed and connected.

The fuel cell in the suitcase format (left) is associated with methanol tank (right) in the space of the motorhome installed

Prices vary depending on the power between approximately 1900 to 3800 euros. Installed as standard are the mini-power plants already in some manufacturer’s Wohmobilen Rapido SAS, in the Hymer S-Class “is the fuel cell as an optional accessory.

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