Honda FC Sport: Hydrogen Athletes


Honda fuel cell technology combined again with a sports outfit. At the LA Auto Show to show the Japanese FC sport a sporty three-seater with the technology of the FCX Clarity.
FCX Clarity
The Honda FC Sports should be an environmentally friendly, but powerful drive, with a lightweight chassis and a sporty driving dynamics combine.

The fuel cell FC sits between the rear seats, the electric motor in front of the rear axle and the batteries in the central subsoil. The hydrogen tanks for the place visible from outside their place on the rear axle. The compact groups will be summarized drive for a deep focus and also provide space for a spacious interior create.

Here the driver sits front center, behind the passenger’s side. Approach grant upwards pivoting doors.

The ultra-thin line of FC sports, mostly from organic materials was created in the Honda design center in North America under the leadership of Jason Wilbur.

To duck the FC forward with its ultra-deep overhang on the road. Large ventilation channels appear seemingly einzusaugen the asphalt. Together with the headlamps take the form of the Honda logo on.

FCX Clarity

FCX Clarity

The far-faceted glass front moves up through the roof into the long tail expiring. Among them is a diffuser wide, as the central locking wheels and the powerful disc brakes sporting claim of FC should emphasize sports.

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