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Battery or fuel cell – with this issue is currently VW. Also from Italy and China, there is news about hybrid and electric cars.

Hydrogen Energy Horizon

- Short confusion in electric car at Volkswagen. A VW-researcher was at a meeting with the saying: “We realized that the battery for long in the pure electric car is not enough.” Will be recommended as a fuel cell ReichweitenverlƤngerer. VW chief researcher Prof. Juergen Leohold clarifies now: On short-VW sees the e-car front, the path is longer, as in golf is a TwinDrive Nitro take over. Earliest after 2020 could, if appropriate infrastructure for fuel cells because of better energy density range for an acceptable guarantee.
- Three years worked meticulously the Italian machinery manufacturers Tazzari to an e-Mobil. Now is the Tazzari Zero (photo) completed a 542-kilogram Leichtmobil with lithium-ion battery and 150 km range. The Zero is up to 90 km/h fast and a three-phase socket in 45 minutes to be loaded. At the household outlet there should be a few hours. The price of Zero is still a mystery.
- The Chinese carmaker Geely plans to the London taxis to electrify. Geely is already co-owner of the black cabs “and in the home developed their own plug-in hybrid and electric cars.

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