The prototype GM HydroGen4? 320 km of autonomy


The U.S. manufacturer General Motors exhibited at World prototype green technologies and green propulsion to illustrate his vision of future mobility. Here is the GM HydroGen4 the 4th generation vehicle with a fuel cell with hydrogen.

GM HydroGen4

GM HydroGen4

According to GM, the HydroGen4 is more dynamic and functional compared to previous models: its propulsion system was optimized in particular. Its fuel cell is made up of 440 cells connected in series. The whole system allows a power of 93 kW and feeds a synchronous electric motor of 73 kW/100 hp. The acceleration? The 0-100 km / h in 12 seconds. Its autonomy is 320 km. GM HydroGen4 has a storage system consists of 3 tanks at high pressure of 700 bars made of carbon fiber they contain 4.2 kg of hydrogen. This alternative has the future ahead of it!

GM HydroGen4

GM HydroGen4

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