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On 23.09.08 met for the fourth time the General Assembly of the “Strategy Council hydrogen fuel cell” in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. In addition to a Message from Wolfgang Tiefensee was the representatives from politics, science and industry especially the current state of implementation of the NIP and the presentation of the first lighthouse projects in the area of mobility (CEP) and stationary applications (CALLUX) reported.

National Innovation Program hydrogen and fuel cell technology (NIP), jointly with representatives from politics, science and industry created to market the preparation of these technologies to support it. With the founding of the National Organization Ltd. NOW hydrogen and fuel cell technology in February 2008 and the publication of the promotion in June 2008 were the preconditions for the implementation of the NIP created. The range of projects ranging from component development system tests up to the everyday operation of hydrogen and fuel cell applications, the applicants include scientific institutions, startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) but also large corporations.

More than 100 projects in all fields of application are currently being intensively discussed. In the transport sector in particular within the framework of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) vehicle fleets of the next generation prepared and put into operation. The necessary hydrogen infrastructure will be expanded and the first projects for hydrogen production based on the results of the study GermanHy concrete. In the field of stationary applications are lighthouses for domestic energy, for the industrial cogeneration and in the naval field started or in planning. In the specific markets it will be demonstration projects for the board power to special vehicles to critical power and a range of other applications.

“We are delighted that with the launch of the first lighthouse projects, the implementation of the NIP has started” said Klaus Bonhoff, managing director and spokesman of NOW MORE GmbH lighthouse projects, including in the field of special markets will soon follow. “This is a crucial step to strengthen leadership in Europe and the international competitiveness of Germany in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology,” said Bonhoff further.

National Innovation Program hydrogen and fuel cell technology (NIP)

The NIP has been preparing the market for hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the fields of transport, domestic energy applications, industrial applications and specialized markets as a strategic alliance of federal ministries (BMVBS, BMWi, BMBF and BMU) with industry and academia formulated. With the NIP, designed as a ten-year program (2007-2016), research and development and demonstration activities and market preparation targeted and effective suppor. Together with the financing by the industry in funding from 1.4 billion Euro available.

NOW Ltd.

The National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology GmbH has the task by 2016 the “National Innovation Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology” (NIP) of the Federal Government to coordinate and implement. These include the evaluation and selection of projects, especially for the demonstration activities, the linkage of research and development with the demonstration, international cooperation, communication and knowledge management.

NOW operates a continuous process of consultation with all stakeholders: responsible ministries and their promoters, industry, research institutes, federal and local initiatives. Through the overall coordination of a hand is a targeted development of the hydrogen and fuel cell technology at the national level to international competition. NOW is so central point of contact for the whole of hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Germany.

Source: NOW Ltd.

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