New fuel-cell car from Toyota (Fine-N ) with four engines


With a large crowd will start tomorrow at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show expected. Well over one million visitors are on the international auto show in Makuhari, Chiba, Japan until 5 November is expected that the newest car innovations want to look. With this, among others, is Toyota with a new concept car with fuel cell propulsion, the Fine-N..
toyota fine n

About 260 companies present at just 42,000 square meters of exhibition space exhibits, including several new innovations in the fuel-cell vehicles.

The Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is under the theme “Ecology & Emotion” a total of six new concept vehicles imagine, two cars and 21-series cars. One of the new studies is the concept hybrid version with fuel cell and electric propulsion, in Fine-N is presented. With this model would like the Japanese automobile company a vision of the propulsion technology of the future presented with a radical new design and four-wheel drive.

Fine-N has a total of four separate motors, directly to the appropriate wheels and electronically (by-wire) will be activated. By the hybrid technique derived space also enables wide design freedoms, which is expressed that the wheels very far outside of the four corners are located. This long wheelbase with a very long passenger compartment gives the innovative car a futuristic look. Furthermore, since the heavy components (eg BZ stack, battery) in the new packaging system and relatively low center were built, gives the Fine-N an entirely new ride.

The four in-wheel motors are on the inside of the wheels mounted at the same time very light and very efficient electric motors, which every 25 kilowatts peak power at 110 Newton meters of torque delivered. These engines powered by a Toyota’s own fuel cell stack and a lithium-ion battery. An improved efficiency of the fuel cell system and an elevated tank pressure enable a whole range of 500 kilometers.

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