It left the program for Hydrogen Energy Horizon!


Here’s another good news for hydrogen technologies: the European Commission has approved funding in late 2007 by OSEO (French Agency for supporting innovation, 67.6 million euros) for the program of Innovation Horizon Hydrogen Energy (H2E in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell) coordinated by the French group Air Liquide (specializing in industrial gases).

Hydrogen Energy Horizon

The H2E program represents an overall investment in research and technology of about 200 million euros over a period of 7 years. It is intended to build a hydrogen energy-sustainable and competitive. The research and development activities cover the following areas: development of innovative technologies for hydrogen production from renewable energy sources, hydrogen storage and the industrialization of fuel cells and the establishment of a appropriate regulatory framework, a program of demonstrations and education to familiarize a wider audience with this new clean energy carrier.

20 partners in the field of hydrogen energy (industrial groups, SMEs and public research laboratories French) are associated with this program on Air Liquide.

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