2009 home sales in April published a fuel cell, Tokyo Gas Co.


Tokyo Gas, 2009 April (tentative) from the sale of fuel cells for home use “ENE FARM (ENEFAMU)”, October 7-10 was held at Shinjuku Park Tower, “Life Design Exhibition’08 , “Was published. The fuel cell system and the impact on the environment as well as the large-scale stationary fuel cell demonstration project to apply advanced fuel cell has set up a family with the adoption of the cases presented to the panel.

Oct. 7-10 was held at Shinjuku Park Tower, “Design for Living’08″ exhibition (Photo: Tokyo Gas)

ENEFAMU “fuel-cell unit” consists of two units. Fuel-cell unit, removing hydrogen from city gas, a chemical reaction with oxygen in the air to generate electricity. The chemical reactions that occur when using hot water to build and earn. Made of electrical appliances in the home can be used in the water bath, shower, kitchen and hot water use.

Patterns of energy demand at home as a data storage will continue to function. Therefore, the lifestyle will be combined with energy-saving operation. The amount of power, such as tanks installed in the kitchen to check on the included remote control. Suddenly need a large amount of hot water when the heat source to be backed up by aircraft.

Power is supplied from a combination of electricity and water heaters compared to the traditional family in general, the 31 percent reduction in energy consumption. Energy utilization rate improved to 41 points from 37 percent to 78 percent. CO2 emissions will lead to a reduction of 45 percent. This 2kw-class residential solar power generation system when installed, and is almost the same effect.

ENEFAMU of Tokyo Gas, the company’s Panasonic is made by Ballard and Ebara. Is roughly the same specifications. In the case of Panasonic products, the size of the fuel cell units W780 x D400 x H860mm,the unit W750 x D480 x H1883mm, both weighing 125kg. The installation space and a width of 1.2 x height of 3.3 x depth of about 2.3m will be required. The price will be around 3 million yen. The country will get a subsidy from the user side, so the actual amount paid will be about 200 million yen.

article in the current prices are approximate. We determined by the amount of aid from countries where the product price and the amount of the burden on the user side, until the release may change. Tokyo Gas was the overture to supplement it.

The photo on the left ENEFAMU made by Panasonic, and the right of the photo made by the ENEFAMU Ebara Ballard (Photo: Tokyo Gas)

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