Nissan, SiC devices for the adoption of Motor Vehicles to develop


Nissan Motor, SiC (silicon carbide) inverter device adoption of vehicle development and fuel cell vehicles “X-TRAIL FCV” with the launch of a driving test on Tuesday. The development of the inverter, SiC diode materials to use its own development.

5 mm × 5mm size of the chip, using conventional Si compared to the diode, diode 70 percent of the area to reduce the number of inverter circuits, improve energy efficiency by 20 percent to be successful. In addition, heat resistance and improved cooling system that can be simplified, compared with conventional inverter is 15 to 20 percent smaller and lighter it is possible.

The company has, SiC diode X-TRAIL FCV In addition to promoting the development of electric vehicles and hybrid cars can be built and the inverter and electric motor and battery vehicles, along with the development of key technologies Positioning and promoting the development of the inverter is used in transistors SiC devices to apply the plan aimed at further miniaturization

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