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With the mobility of future deals, the museum car at Hockenheim vision and shows with its hybrid automobile exhibition possibilities and visions for the period after oil. There are several concept cars from different manufacturers.

These include, for example, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class with fuel cell or the BMW 730hL, the first car, the hydrogen went around the world. In a exhibit are from the 90s-born hybrid vehicle study Opel Twin. It was caused by their advanced hybrid technology and changed its interior space for attention. The Twin has two interchangeable, working independently drive units in module form. For short-haul trips is purely batterieelektrische solution, in which a two Hub Wheel Motors 11 kW/14 hp exchange module equipped with a battery capacity of 29 kWh an ecological and economical driving in a range of over 200 kilometres per load permit. The maximum speed is here 120 km / h. The drive of the second for long-haul trips developed exchange module is a 25 kW/34 hp three-cylinder gasoline engine. With an average consumption of only 3.5 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres one per 20-liter tank just 600 kilometers wide. The maximum speed is here at 140 km / h. Instead of the usual “two plus two” seating arrangement, the Opel Twin on a “one plus three” arrangement. It takes the driver ahead of him statistically the safest seating position in the middle, while three passengers in Fond place.

Moreover, the hybrid exhibition future infrastructure requirements, such as substituted fuel production, distribution and storage. The exhibition runs from now and Thursday to Sunday in the period from 10.00 to 17.00 clock open. Admission is five euros, off four euros (

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