Morphic Impact result of new testorder from a leading vehicle manufacturers


Morphic Impacts Test Center in Tokyo has received an order for a further three test and verifieringsplattformar from one of the world’s five largest vehicle manufacturers. The order marks a significant step on the way to mass production of flow plates for fuel cells.

In February, 2008 established a Morphic Impact technology in Shin-Yokohama outside of Tokyo in Japan. At the same time, communicated to one of the world’s five biggest automakers booked the facility for the production cycles of fuel plates for cars. The cooperation follows a structured plan, and includes a number of steps in the form of the test and verifieringsplattformarThe first two platforms, manufactured in the spring has now successfully passed the critical quality tests as part of the project plan.

As a result, the customer placed a new order for three additional platforms. The platforms will be manufactured and delivered in the autumn and then be evaluated by the customer in the first quarter of 2009.

“Verifieringsprogrammet is extensive and demanding. The fact that we now take the next step with one of the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicle shows that we are in tune with our assessment of how the market for fuel cells develop. “Says Martin Valfridsson, CEO Morphic Impact.

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