Fuel cells in aircraft


As a forum of this kind in the world is looking for his technology and the issue around the fuel cell has become significantly sensitive, in the f – cell this year in Stuttgart more than 700 guests from around the world are expected ..
For the approximately 66 lectures during the congress ensure high-calibre international speakers from industry, science and politics. The target group of the events are both experts from institutes and research centres as well as producers, suppliers and users of fuel cells.

Apart from the high information content, the Forum serves f – cell also practical experience to be able to exchange as well as new contacts or customers or to maintain. The fair part of the forum covers basically all fuel cell applications, which means both the use of mobile and stationary fuel cells. The sub-group of mobile fuel cells, the so-called portable, portable fuel cells win this year enormously important..

Another highlight of the Forum are available at the state of the German Centre for Air and Space Association (short: DLR) to admire. he Cologne company shows a model of the Airbus 320 research aircraft in which the entire power supply from fuel cells produced. The two-metre model received in professional circles the name D – ATRA, the Advanced Technology Research Aircraft. The realization of such a project is so far unique in the world, in particular as the high weight of fuel cells prepared problems. The Cologne company, however, to innovative membrane hydrogen fuel cells by a new lightweight convincing.

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