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Latest results from research and experience with the application of fuel cells in stationary, mobile and portable field are the themes of the fuel cell forum “f-cell” 2008, 29 and 30 September in Stuttgart. Symposium & Exhibition aimed at producers and users from the hydrogen and fuel cell economy. The largest event of its kind has been an upward trend, the growing importance of the industry reflects. The sponsors of the Peter Sauber Agency Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd., Gerlingen, and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development GmbH, Stuttgart in 2007 with about 700 participants and over 40 exhibition stands a new record was expected back in 2008 with full lecture halls and a lot of international popularity.

News from Canada

“16 percent of 2007 visitors came from abroad. Many from Europe, but also from the USA, Canada, Japan and Korea. his international participation, which in recent years to move up the lecterns, we want to continue to expand, “said agency CEO Peter Sauber, which recently at the Globe 2008, an exhibition with Congress on economic sustainability in Vancouver, its good relations firmed to Canada and exciting units for the “f-cell” could win. The program is already a lecture on the “Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project” (IWHUP): The company Sacré-Davey tone Innova Inc. and its partners use hydrogen as a waste in the electrochemical industry incurred, not only by two hydrogen filling stations in the immediate vicinity the plants to operate, but participated in the autumn of 2007, a car wash in operation, approved by a 150-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell with electricity and hot water.

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