Hydrogen Motor

Hydrogen Motorcycles

ENV Strikes Gold (2006)

The bike company called Intelligent Energy ENV bike (stands for vehicle emission neutral - ie vehicle with zero emissions) and should, if the production as planned launch in autumn 2008 to buy. The bike is expected to cost around 10,000 dollars.

ENV Strikes Gold
ENV Strikes Gold
Power output  
0-100 km --
Top speed 80 km/h
50 miles
Range 160 km
100 miles

The ENV bike is a small fuel cell and an electric motor. The fuel cell itself creates from compressed hydrogen (this is a tank on board the Töffs) and air power - up to one kilowatt are possible. For the end-driving charge is a tiny electric motor, up to 6 more kilowatt creates. Genu to only 80 kilograms heavy bike up to speed 80 km / h speed. The acceleration values are not exhilarating: 12 seconds up to the maximum speed.
A hydrogen filling ranges up to 160 kilometers - for example, ideal for shopping around major cities around. For smog-geplagte major cities could be the bike is not a blessing allzuferner future - it is almost completely silent and dismisses gases instead only water vapor.

ENV Strikes GoldENV Strikes Gold