Hydrogen Motor

H2 ships

By the end of August could Zemships the project for a emissionsfreies ship with fuel cells, the world’s first commercial passenger ship with fuel cell drive his service on the Hamburg Alster. The FCS Alsterwasser “is a joint project of nine partners, the BZ-hybrid drive with a 48 kW PEM BZ supplied the Proton Motor Fuel Cell Ltd. The necessary hydrogen filling station was completely built by Linde AG and planned.

On each of the tours are up to 100 people on board the in-nerstädtischen lake and its canals and Fleete enjoy - and this without any pollutant emission. The Zemship (Zero Emissions Ship) is a joint project of nine partners under the direction of the Authority for Urban Development and Environment of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The Zem ships project, which started in November 2006, has an investment volume of almost 5.5 million euros.The European Union supports the project with 2.4 million euros. The remaining funding in the amount of 3.1 million euros, the partners involved.

Wolfgang Tiefensee, Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Urban Development, held the permanent language about 150 invited guests, in the Taufzerremonie and the subsequent maiden voyage to the Hamburg Außenalster participated. Tiefensee: “I am completely thrilled. The project has signal effect. It is a milestone in the development of fuel cell technology for liner shipping.”

The full Hamburger press release and the data sheet with information on the FCS Alster water and the partners can be found overleaf.