Hydrogen Motor

General Motors AUTOnomy

General Motors AUTOnomy(2002)

Named for its combination of hydrogen fuel cell and drive-by-wire technology, the Hy-wire incorporates the features envisioned in the AUTOnomy concept vehicle. All of its propulsion and control systems are contained within an 11-inch-thick skateboard-like chassis, maximizing the interior space for five occupants and their cargo.

General Motors unveiled the AUTOnomy, the world�s first concept vehicle built around a fuel cell drive system and free from the confines of traditional automotive architecture. Up to now, fuel cell systems have been integrated into production vehicles. AUTOnomy is the first vehicle designed from the ground up around this type of technology and the first to combine fuel cells with drive-by-wire functionality, which allows steering, braking and other vehicle systems to be controlled electronically instead of mechanically

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