Hydrogen Motor

Ford Airstream Concep

Ford Airstream Concep (2007)

Underneath everything that accompanies the "mosh-pit" of monospace retrofuturista the Airstream is the interpretation of Ford's future engine of the train.As the system in the Chevy Volt of the vehicle used traction totally electric motors front and rear which ufana of 174 horsepower maximum for a voracious "accor".Electrons can come from a large or a small battery, recharged by an engine or a fuel cell.

The Airstream prototype carries 14 pounds of hydrogen to 10000 psi (10 pounds to 5000 psi is more likely for the period closest) to feed a conventional fuel cell.He also wears a battery pack plug Lithium Ion, 16 kW / hour enough to shoot 25 miles (40 km) before the fuel cell was activated and operated at maximum efficiency, keeping the battery possibly between 30 and 60 % Load, which is lower than the current hybrids, to make room in batteries to harness the power more cheaply at home.The range is due to extend far beyond the 305 miles of hybrid hydrogen Explorer.

Ford Airstream Concep

Ford Airstream Concep
Engine/Motor Twin 65kW electric motors
Power output Lithium ion batteries, 35kW hydrogen fuel cel
Torque --
0-100 km 15 sec
Top speed 80 mph
Range 305 miles


The future topic is also in the interior. Driver and passenger to take futuristic-looking, rotating bucket seats on a wide-open side door space. Before them seems the valve makers with its centrally mounted multi-function screen to float in space. In the passenger area that Ford is a lounge- Atmosphere. The focus is on a new 360. There can not play the latest DVDs, but also for the appropriate atmosphere for example, a fireplace.

Ford Airstream ConcepFord Airstream Concep