Hydrogen Motor

Chevrolet Sequel

Chevrolet Sequel (2006)

SAN DIEGO (Sept. 11, 2006) GM Motors today announced a driveable version of the most technologically advanced automobile ever built the Chevrolet Sequel, GM's solution to provide the world with a cleaner, petroleum-free vehicle that is better in nearly every way.

"General Motors is proving that advanced technology can remove the automobile from the environmental debate and reduce our dependence on petroleum," said Larry Burns, GM vice president, research & development and strategic planning. "Chevy Sequel clearly shows that our vision for the future of the automobile is real and sustainable."

Sequel was introduced in 2005 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It is the first vehicle in the world to successfully integrate a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system with a broad menu of advanced technologies such as steer-and brake-by-wire controls, wheel hub motors, lithium-ion batteries and a lightweight aluminum structure. It uses clean, renewable hydrogen as a fuel and emits only water vapor.

"Sequel fundamentally changes the DNA of today�s automobiles exchanging an internal combustion engine, petroleum and mechanical systems for fuel cell propulsion, hydrogen and electrical systems," Burns said. "In Sequel, GM has created a real vehicle that promises to excite customers and lead to long-term, sustainable automotive transportation."

Chevrolet Sequel Chevrolet Sequel Chevrolet Sequel Chevrolet Sequel


Vehicle type:

all-wheel-drive crossover vehicle with fuel cell and by-wire technology


aluminum substructures


aluminum body / frame integral structure with aluminum panels and aluminum closures

Seating capacity:

4 or 5


Wheelbase (in / mm):

119.7 / 3040

Length (in / mm):

196.6 / 4994

Width (in / mm):

77.4 / 1966

Height (in / mm):

66.8 / 1697

Curb weight (lb / kg):

4774 / 2170

Fuel storage system


3 carbon composite high-pressure tanks for hydrogen mounted in the sandwich chassis

Service pressure (psi / bars):

10,000 / 700

Storage capacity (lb / kg):

17.6 / 8

Fuel cell power module

Power (kW):


Battery system


lithium-ion high-power battery pack

Power (kW):


Electric traction system

Front system:

3-phase asynchronous electric motor with integrated power electronics and planetary gear

Power (kW):


Torque at the wheels (lb-ft / Nm):

1740 / 2350

Gear ratio:


Rear system:

2 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous, direct drive, electric wheel hub motors

Power (kW):

2 times 25

Torque (lb-ft / Nm):

2 times 590/800

Gear ratio:


Total traction power (kW):


Total torque at wheels (lb-ft/Nm):

2920 / 3950


Acceleration 0-60 mph (sec):

< 10

Top speed (mph / km/h):

90 / 145

Operating range (miles / km):

300 / 480